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On Friday 16th May

St Ives Town Council will be hosting a commemoration event, including the unveiling of a plaque at Westcotts Quay which has been installed to mark the site of the grounding of HMS Wave in 1952 and the brave acts of local townspeople who helped the crew ashore and assisted in the salvage operation and re-floating of the ship.

Veterans from HMS Wave will attend a commemoration event at the Guildhall on Friday 16 May at 10.30am.   If anyone living in St Ives at the time of the grounding of HMS Wave would like to attend the event to join the commemorations, please contact the town council on tel: 01736 797840

The fact that the event is being held is down to the tenacity of author Paul Moran who has written about the events surrounding the grounding, rescue and salvage of the ship.  Mr Moran has led the call for a plaque, has been instrumental in bringing about this commemoration and has been the point of liaison for the HMS Wave veterans.

The Plaque will read

HMS Wave
On the 30th September 1952 St Ives Townspeople rescued sixty two crew members here by Breeches Buoy.

For his courage during the successful salvage operation, local Pilot Richard Daniel Paynter was awarded the Queen Commendation for Brave Conduct.

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