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Received by e mail, may interest some or all.

Finding your old shipmates. ‘Needle in a haystack?’ I know what you mean because I am looking for one from 1958 and ‘time is running out’!!! As the founder of 2 ex Royal Navy Associations, I know that every little bit of publicity counts, and to this end I am looking into another avenue. This is radio, with its own show, on a regular basis.


How will it work?  I am in final negotiations with a Radio Station which is a ‘Nostalgia Wireless Station’. Mainly music and topics of interest, but they broadcast nothing later than the 1960’s, which is the main ‘target’ of many Associations and adverts in the Navy News. However, ex RN Shipmates who served after this time will still be attracted to the ‘Wireless Station’ especially to the Associations which would have a mention in the following way.


The theme is on a personal basis where someone is looking for an ex shipmate with a bit of a ‘lamp swinging story’ and a piece of music of the time. Expanded to make a bit of a story, mine is that I am looking for a John McGlynn who joined H.M.S.Collingwood at the same time as me, and about 30 others, at the end of January 1958 to do our Electrical, Radio or Radar Training. John had a problem of getting out of bed in the morning as did many others, but I helped John in that as a very early riser I was often in the washrooms when ‘Call the Hands’ was piped. Consequently I was first in the queue or near the front when the huge Howe Messdeck opened for breakfast, but before I left the mess I would make sure John had his feet on the deck and took his enamel mug with me as well as my own, bringing him back a cup of tea or coffee when I returned to the Mess, usually to find John still in the same position. Sitting on his bed with his feet on the ground! My postal and email address would be published and a plug for John to join us at ‘the next reunion of the Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association in October …. (or whenever). And then a piece of music of the time.


BUT, this ‘Nostalgic Wireless Station’ I am talking about, is not only a local one transmitting on 91.5fm, but also on the internet which as you know goes World Wide. It is that medium I am targeting. I envisage an afternoon slot during the Afternoon Watch, ‘especially for those on a Make and Mend’, and to this end the Station is in agreement. The station is Angel Radio Isle of Wight


The wireless Station is run by volunteers, many of course ex Service, so they are interested. Donations are made for the running of the Station but they would go to a different address and I would know nothing of these, so any article or lamp swinging tale would not be dependent on a donation.


I feel sure I have your support to finalise negotiations, which are basically ‘when do we go?’ Well the answer to that is just as soon as I have a few more ‘Lamp swinging stories’ to add to the ones already contributed. The Station likes the idea and is waiting for me.


Looking forward to hearing from you with your first ‘Lamp Swinging story’ for broadcast. Who is missing from your reunions, the one everybody remembers? (And what were the antics everybody remembers?) When is your next reunion? How did the last reunion go? And what piece of music would be suitable and appropriate for you?


Local newspapers around the country have received a press release to attract the attention of the readers who have served in the Royal Navy to the radio show. Will they be listening to your ‘Lamp Swinging Tale’?


Mike Crowe

RN Shipmates

7 Heath Road



Isle of Wight

PO36 8PG